FD-Stand - беспроводная настольная док станция для iPad


FD-Wall - беспроводная настенная док станция для iPad


FD-Wall настенное крепление для iPad

Smart home where everything is in the right place.

FD-Stand fits your iPad and produced in two colors, Silver and Space Gray. With FD-Stand docking station, everything is in the right place and without unnecessary wires. It’s fits perfectly into any interior and looks good with all Apple products.

FD-Stand с iPad FD-Stand идеальный угол обзора FD-Stand магнитное крепление и беспроводная зарядка FD-Stand подключение к сети

Magnetic Design

FD-Stand complements your iPad and looks great with your Mac®. It’s made from the highest quality materials this guarantees a scratch-free docking and even the largest of iPads won’t tip over.

Perfect viewing angle

FD-Stand holds your iPad at a 63-degree angle that’s perfect for making video calls, watching video, browsing emails, referencing documents, and more. Magnets will hold your iPad securely in place so you can keep tapping, scrolling, and pinching.

Wireless charging

Place iPad on the stand and charging will begin instantly. Use all the apps you need without any hassle. iPad fixed securely thanks to the built-in magnet system. You will't have to plug any cables to maintain a charge.

USB Type-C Connector

FD-Stand use the cable and the adapter provided with your iPad. You don't need to install any drivers or applications.

Supercharged wireless docking station for iPad Pro, iPad Air

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Looks great in any interior FD-Stand - современная стильная подставка для iPad

Our inspiration.

We designed the product that we need first of all. Worthy analogues that can also simply and gracefully perform the main function of the product now simply do not exist. Trust us, we checked it.